Little Fingers Arts & Crafts Club - Manchester

One on One Sessions

Marcus Salmon is the driving force behind our arts and crafts activities

He has a wide range of skills in different mediums of art. He specialises in in portraits, still life, pencil and charcoal but has a wide range in all types of arts. Now in his thirties, Marcus has focused in providing high quality arts and crafts in several schools since obtaining his degree. Before joining Redmox Leisure he had previous experience of running Arts & Crafts after School Clubs and Holiday Camps and now runs his own clubs with us.

What are his expertise?

Marcus has for many years provided one on one sessions for many children, including children with special needs. He continues to work within schools in the term time and is currently employed to offer support for children with special needs. If you are interested in developing your child as a budding artist, then Marcus can help. He offers one on one sessions with your child to explore their creativity and to focus their abilities to bring out the best of their talents.

What he offers?

  • One on one sessions in after school times and some weekends
  • Development based sessions that start from simple ideas and building up to more complex ideas depending on the ability of your child
  • Interest based activities - there is no point in pushing an activity your child does not want to do
  • Using arts and crafts to boost the self esteem of children and higher thinking skills
  • Allows your child time and space to devlop their needs until they develop confidence and will want to try something more challenging