Little Fingers Arts & Crafts Club - Catering

We have some great options for you to consider for your catering needs.

We have a food area that is available for an additional 30 minutes to your party. This area costs a flat £10 and you are more than welcome to provide your own food.

We can also provide a cold buffet for you at a cost of £3 per head. This consists of a selection of jam and chocolate spread sandwiches, a platter of meat savory items, a platter of vegatable savory items, biscuits and jam rolly pollies, crisps, fruit winders and a 500ml flavoured spring water.

Pizzahut and Dominos will deliver hot food to the food area.

You can order your food online using our Cusomer Login

You also have the option of booking into one of the restaurants in the Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre. There are Pizzahut, Bella Italia, Nandos, Chiquito's and Franky & Bennies restaurants available. They are all used to our bookings and offer a good service.